What are the benefits of dental implants? Why might I prefer a dental implant to a denture or bridge?

• Dental implants preserve your healthy teeth. Receiving bridges involve grinding down your neighboring teeth, while dental implants allow you to preserve the current condition of your natural teeth.

• Dental implants are more durable and cost-effective. Unlike bridges and crowns, dental implants often last for a lifetime. Because they almost never need replacing, they can be a less expensive tooth loss solution.

• Dental implants mean better and easier oral hygiene. Because implants are so much like natural teeth, oral care is easier. Unlike bridges, for example, you can easily floss between implants and natural teeth.

• Dental implants promote jawbone health. Because dental implants replace the tooth root, they stop jawbone degeneration and keep the jaw strong and healthy.

• Dental implants make speaking and eating easier. Those with dentures or extensive tooth loss can find speaking painful and eating difficult. Since dental implants are permanently anchored to your jaw, you can eat, speak and live with confidence and comfort. At the same time, you don’t have to deal with slipping dentures or messy denture adhesives.

• Dental implants create a better smile — and better self-esteem. Dental implants look identical to your natural teeth and restore your smile.