What are the risks and complications associated with dental implants?

Although our level of experience and skill translates to a much lower rate of complication than reported averages, no surgical procedure can be completely free of potential for complications.

Generally, dental implant placement is a very safe and predictable procedure. However, dental implant operations carry many of the same risks as similar tooth replacement and oral surgery procedures. Some patients report pain, swelling, and bruising. Rarely, patients report issues with infection, sinus issues, post-surgical bleeding, and inflammation affecting the nerves that provide sensation to the lips, chin, tongue and gums. We see a success rate with our dental implants in excess of 98 percent. Nonetheless, a very small number of dental implants will not integrate into the jawbone properly and the procedure will need to be repeated. Our level of skill enables us to help all of our patients overcome any bumps in the road and ultimately achieve their desire of restored smiles.