Will my jaw be wired shut after surgery? What is jaw surgery recovery like?

Due to modern advancements in orthognathic surgery, patients will almost never need to have their jaws wired shut for any length of time after surgery. Instead, small plates and screws are used to keep your jaw in place after surgery.

Your recovery from jaw surgery depends on the type of jaw surgery you have, your medical history, and your age. Most patients need a one- to two-week recovery period and may need longer than that before feeling completely normal. Most of the swelling from surgery in gone in ten to fourteen days, though it usually takes six weeks until swelling goes down completely. Complete healing of your jaw bones may not occur for up to six months, and during this time, patients may need to follow a slightly modified diet.

Both before and after your surgery, we will discuss your recovery process in detail. During these discussions, we encourage any and all questions you might have.