About | Surgical Arts Centre

Fully equipped medical facility in Missoula, Montana

Established in 1996 and located in Missoula, Montana, the Surgical Arts Centre is dedicated to helping patients across the country with a number of surgical and healthcare needs, ranging from cosmetic procedures of the face, head and neck, to non-cosmetic solutions for health problems like sleep apnea, jaw deformities, dental issues, and chronic TMJ pain.

The Surgical Arts Centre was founded by Clark O. Taylor, M.D., D.D.S. Before coming to Missoula, he founded the Institute of Facial Surgery in 1986 in Bismarck, North Dakota. In conjunction with the Medcenter One Hospital, The Institute of Facial Surgery became a nationally-recognized referral center for facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery as well as a training center for residents studying oral and maxillofacial surgery. In 1996, he expanded his practice to Missoula, and in 2004, the Surgical Arts Centre opened its doors, providing patients with a facility that treats complex facial surgical problems on an outpatient basis.

Our Facility

Converted into a medical facility in 2004, our Surgical Arts Centre provides the same level of care and safety as a hospital, our facility houses the technology and amenities to help our patients through their procedures, from start to finish.

The Surgical Arts Centre is a self-contained office as well as a surgery center with a full-time anesthesiologist and nursing support staff. This configuration allows us to treat facial surgical problems on an outpatient basis at a fraction of the cost of utilizing hospitals or other outpatient surgery centers.

Meet Our Physicians

Our nationally-recognized doctors and surgeons are at the heart of our practice – they are the experts behind our mission, the minds behind our innovative procedures, and the people who fully dedicate themselves to the care and needs of our patients.

Each of our physicians is a specialized member of their field, whose care and curiosity have followed them through long and successful careers in their areas of practice. We encourage you to learn more about their education, their qualifications, and their passions:

• Clark O. Taylor, M.D., D.D.S.: Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Sleep Apnea Solutions

• R.F. John Holtzen, D.M.D: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Corrective Jaw Surgery, Dental Implants, TMJ Surgery

• Lisa Pacheco, D.O.: Medical Spa Director, Non-Surgical Skin Solutions, Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) Treatments, Preventative Medicine

Meet Our Staff

Our patients have said it best: their experience at the Surgical Arts Center would not have been quite as comfortable or as special without the attention, care and concern of our supporting staff, from our team of registered nurses to our receptionists, and everyone in between.

When you are not directly in the hands of your physician, our staff will be at your side through every step of the process, from your initial consultation to your recovery. Our team works together to make sure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible during your time at the Surgical Arts Centre.