Improve Your Selfie? Social Media & Cosmetic Surgery

facial cosmetics at Surgical Arts CentreRecent statistics show that facial cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity and that an increasing number of younger men and women are seeking out cosmetic surgery. While there are likely many different reasons for these rising numbers, a recent poll found that social media is likely playing a significant role in how we see ourselves and how we wish to improve our appearance – one selfie at a time.

Selfies and Self-Esteem

According to a poll conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), one in three facial cosmetic surgeons reported that their patients were more aware of their appearance because of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thirteen percent of surgeons said that some patients made the decision to pursue cosmetic surgery due to a dissatisfaction with their looks in social media images.

Some surgeons reported that their patients were bringing in pictures of themselves from social media websites in order to better explain their issue and how they would like it addressed.

“Social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and the iPhone app, which are solely image based, force patients to hold a microscope up to their own image and often look at it with a more self-critical eye than ever before,” said Edward Farrior, MD, President of the AAFPRS, in a press release. “These images are often the first impressions young people put out there to prospective friends, romantic interests and employers and our patients want to put their best face forward.”

The increase in social media utilization and participation may well be having an effect on the cosmetic surgery world as a whole. The AADPRS also found that there was a 58 percent increase in surgeons reporting more patients under the age of 30. In addition, there was a 10 percent increase in rhinoplasty, a 7 percent increase in hair transplants, and a 6 percent increase in eyelid surgery between 2012 and 2013.

Selfies Helping Cosmetic Surgeons

Facial cosmetic surgeons also noted that mobile technology, social media and the rising popularity of selfies has helped them treat their patients in surprising ways. Patients not only use their selfies to show their doctors what they would like to improve and what their goals are, they are also taking selfies with their phones and tablets after surgery and sending them to their doctor in order to report their process or ask about complications.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery at the Surgical Arts Centre

Whether you are looking to improve your selfies or whether you simply want to improve yourself, you may wish to speak with facial cosmetic surgeon Clark O. Taylor at the Surgical Arts Centre. To ask a question about a procedure, speak with a cosmetic surgeon, or schedule a consultation, please call our offices today: (406) 549-6600.

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