Study: Cosmetic Facial Surgery Makes Women Look More Socially Adept

It is well established that facial cosmetic surgery can make patients look both more attractive and more youthful. However, a new study shows that the way people are perceived after cosmetic facial surgery goes beyond looking better and younger. In fact, researchers found that women who have a facelift, brow lift, or eye lift are generally seen as friendlier, more likeable, and more socially adept.

Facelifts Change Public Perception

The new study, which was published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery in April of this year, took place at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. During the experiment, scientists collected before and after pictures of 30 Caucasian women who had recently undergone facial rejuvenation surgery of some kind. The pictures were given to 170 people who were asked a variety of questions regarding their perceptions of the patients. None of the 170 participants saw both the before and after photos of any of the women during their question session.

The participants were asked questions about the women’s personalities, from how aggressive they seemed, to how extroverted they seemed, to how feminine they seemed. The study found that after the women had cosmetic surgery, they were seen as more feminine, more friendly, and more socially outgoing.

Study Limitations and Implications

Researchers concluded that facial cosmetic surgery can not only make you look younger and more physically attractive, it can also positively change how you are seen socially.

The researchers stressed, however, that the study did not determine which types of cosmetic surgery were more likely to produce these social implications, as the women pictured had had a range of different procedures. They also explained that they do not know why, specifically, cosmetic procedures cause these changes in perception. It is not yet clear if the simple fact of looking younger and more attractive causes you to also look friendlier and more outgoing.

Finally, because the study focused only on white women, it is not clear if men or people of other ethnic backgrounds are also perceived differently on a social level after cosmetic facial surgery.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery at the Surgical Arts Centre

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