United Kingdom Considers Cosmetic Surgery “Cooling Off” Period

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The United Kingdom’s General Medical Council (GMC) is currently considering a number of new guidelines for doctors regarding cosmetic surgery, including a new regulation that would instate a mandatory “cooling off” period between the initial consultation and the official agreement to move ahead with the procedure. Other countries, such as Australia, have also considered mandatory wait times before cosmetic surgery in the hopes that patients will fully think the process through before committing to permanent changes in their appearance.

In addition to giving patients time to “cool off” before going ahead with the surgery, the new guidance being considered for doctors in the United Kingdom currently includes:

  • Not trivializing the risks associated with the cosmetic procedure.
  • Checking in with patients after the surgery to see how they feel and to see what they think of the outcome.
  • Taking extra care with patients who are very young (teens) or very old (seniors).
  • Seeking their patient’s consent themselves rather than delegating it.
  • Marketing cosmetic surgery in a responsible manner.

Making the Decision to Have Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is different from other types of surgery for several reasons. First and foremost, cosmetic surgery is usually elective and usually not tied to the physical health of the patient. Unlike an appendectomy, for example, a patient usually doesn’t have to make a decision regarding his or her surgery without significant help from his or her physicians. At the same time, cosmetic surgery often has cultural and social aspects: you may get breast implants based on your society’s idea of beauty, or you may get a facelift in order to appear younger, which has social benefits in many countries.

Before conducting a cosmetic surgery procedure on a patient, any doctor should:

  • Inform you of all of the possible risks and complications associated with the procedure.
  • Be open and honest about the outcome of the procedure, including recovery time and final results.
  • Discuss the procedure itself in detail.
  • Go over the patient consent form in detail.
  • Answer any and all of your questions regarding the procedure and the outcome.

Cosmetic Surgery Waiting Period in the United States

Currently, there are no required waiting periods between the initial consultation for a cosmetic surgery and the cosmetic surgery itself. However, all doctors in the United States are trained to make certain that their patients are making appropriate decisions for their health and well-being. In addition, many doctors naturally schedule periods of downtime between consultations and surgeries simply because there are other people in line for procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery At The Surgical Arts Centre

At the Surgical Arts Centre, we take our patients’ health and well-being extremely seriously. Whatever the reason for your cosmetic surgery, we want you to fully and clearly understand the risks and outcomes before you commit to the procedure. We also want you to be confident and happy with your choice before you make it. We are here to talk to you, to answer your questions, and to speak to your concerns. To learn more about our team or our services, please contact us today: (406) 549-6600.