Combining Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries: Pros & Cons

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It is becoming increasingly common for cosmetic surgery patients to combine more than one procedure into a single operation. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 42% of all U.S. cosmetic plastic surgery patients in 2007 had two or more procedures performed at the same time.

But are combining multiple cosmetic surgeries safe, and is it the right option for you? Generally, the answer depends heavily on the procedures you are combining, the qualifications of the doctor, the health of the individual patient, and a large number of other factors. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to having multiple surgeries at one time.

Advantages of Combining Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Less overall time in surgery. If you combine procedures, you only have to go under general anesthesia once, recover once, take pain medication once, etc. Simply put, you only have to go through the experience one time, but get the benefit of two or more improvements on your body.
  • Less expensive overall. You will only have to pay for general anesthesia once and facility fees once, making your surgeries less expensive. In addition, some doctors may charge a reduced fee when combining procedures.
  • Less recovery time. While your recovery time from multiple cosmetic surgeries may be longer, it will likely be shorter than two or more separate recovery times combined if you had waited between operations. Especially for those who cannot be away from work or family for extended periods of time, this may be a sensible option.

Disadvantages of Combining Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries

  • More time under general anesthesia. Generally speaking, the longer you spend under general anesthesia at one time, the greater the risk of complication. This is not an issue if your doctor works quickly and if your procedures are relatively minor, but it could be an issue when combining more than two surgeries or two major surgeries.
  • More stress on your body at one time. Multiple procedures means putting your body through more changes at one time. Older patients or patients with health concerns should speak to their doctor about combining procedures.
  • Higher rates of complications. Because the surgery is longer and because your body is under more stress, there may be a higher chance of complications when having two or more cosmetic surgeries. For example, the risk of infection may go up slightly if there are two different surgery sites.

Cosmetic Surgery at the Surgical Arts Centre

At the Surgical Arts Centre, we believe in finding solutions that are tailored to individuals. In some cases, combining two or more procedures can be a wonderful option for patients – for example, a healthy patient seeing a facelift and browlift at the same time. In other cases, it may be better to take on procedures separately for the maximum in patient safety and health. To learn more about our procedures, or to speak with a doctor about your wishes, please contact our office today: (406) 549-6600.