Can You Be Too Old For Cosmetic Surgery?

As people continue to live longer and healthier lives, more and more seniors are choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures later and later in life – even into their 70s and 80s. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were 84,685 cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures among patients age 65 and older in 2010.

Is there an age limit on cosmetic surgery? Most doctors agree that as long as a patient is both physically and emotionally ,healthy and as long as the patient has realistic expectations, cosmetic surgery can continue to improve the way people look and feel no matter their age.

4 Considerations Before Senior Cosmetic Procedures

  • What is my overall health? The largest and most critical concern regarding cosmetic surgery and age is the health and wellness of the patient. If you suffer from illnesses, diseases, or disorders that become more common with age (such as heart disease or diabetes) you may be at higher risk for complications during or after the surgery. To learn more, speak to your doctor about your medical history, your current status, and whether you are healthy enough to undergo surgery.
  • Can I afford cosmetic surgery? Seniors, especially those who are retired, may have tight budgets or economic limitations that do not make cosmetic surgery a good choice. However, other seniors may finally have enough financial security to get cosmetic surgery and enjoy the fruits of their labors.
  • Do I have realistic expectations? While cosmetic surgery can help boost your confidence, make you look more youthful, or change the appearance of your features, they cannot totally alter how you look or turn back the clock many decades. If you are considering cosmetic surgery as a senior, you should discuss the likely outcome with your doctor and understand the limits of the operation.
  • Why do I want cosmetic surgery? Just as cosmetic surgery patients of any age, you should reflect thoughtfully on why you want a cosmetic procedure and how you will benefit from a cosmetic procedure. This is not the time to listen to others who might not understand, this is a time to listen to your own thoughts and feelings. Would a procedure make you feel more confident? Are you doing it to please others? Have you wanted it for a long time?

Senior Cosmetic Surgery at the Surgical Arts Centre

At the Surgical Arts Centre, we will work closely with you to determine if you are a strong candidate for the cosmetic procedure that you are considering – even if you are above the age of 65. We will thoroughly examine your medical history as well as speak to you about all aspects of the procedure and the outcome. To learn more about what we do, the procedure you are considering, or whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, call our office today: (406) 549-6600.

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