The Stigma of Cosmetic Surgery: Is It Disappearing?

Even ten or twenty years ago, we would be hard pressed to find a celebrity who was open about his or her appearance, let alone whether he or she had had a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Even when a change was obvious, it was normal for them to dodge the question or outright lie about having “work done.” However, today it has become more and more common for celebrities to talk openly about cosmetic surgery, from Botox injections to nose jobs to facelifts.

Here are a few recent examples:

  • Pop star Iggy Azalea has opened up about her past rhinoplasty and breast enhancement, saying that it’s okay not to be ashamed you’ve made a positive change to your body.
  • Modern Family actress Ariel Winter was candid about her breast reduction surgery, which she chose after years of back pain and discomfort.
  • Fitness star Jillian Michaels told People that she had a rhinoplasty procedure when she was 16 – and that it is still positively affecting her life.
  • Iconic comedian Betty White has spoken about getting an eyelid procedure in 1976. She is still happy she had it done.

Why is the Stigma of Cosmetic Surgery Fading?

There are three main reasons that the stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery is fading. In a way, all three of these reasons have to do with advancements in technology and a more educated populous.

  • Social Media. The explosion of social media in recent years means that more celebrities (and more regular people) are able to talk openly about their lives and their feelings online. It also means that celebrities have a harder time quietly having procedures and recovering out of the limelight. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy for people to share their cosmetic surgery journey, from posting before and after pictures, to writing about how a procedure positively affected their life.
  • Injectables & non-invasive procedures. In the past 20 years, the types of cosmetic surgery have grown considerably and procedures have grown safer and more precise. Specifically, the popularity of injectable skin treatments and laser light treatments have made cosmetic procedures more affordable, less invasive, and more popular. As more people have experimented with less invasive and more economical surgeries, they have started to talk more about their experiences.
  • A better understanding of cosmetic surgery. During the early years of cosmetic surgery, making changes to your body seemed strange and vain. In today’s world, more people are recognizing that making small, positive changes to your appearance can have a fully positive effect on your life, whether you are minimizing acne scarring, making your nose less prominent, or fighting against the signs of aging. Studies that have shown the positive long-term affects of cosmetic surgery have helped the general public understand that it can boost self-esteem and confidence in people of all ages.

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The Stigma of Cosmetic Surgery: Is It Disappearing?
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