Chin Augmentation Using Chin Implants: The Procedure & Recovery

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Chin augmentations can help improve your jawline, add balance to your face, or compliment a rhinoplasty. More importantly, though, they can increase confidence and boost self-esteem.

Before choosing a chin implant operation, however, it is vital that you clearly understand the procedure as well as the recovery process. Below, we’ve outlined what happens before, during, and after a chin augmentation.

Before Chin Augmentation Surgery

The chin augmentation procedure begins with a private consultation with our cosmetic surgeon. During this appointment, you will:

  • Learn about all of the details of the procedure from start to finish.
  • Share your medical history with your doctor.
  • Find out if you are a good candidate for a chin implant.
  • Get all of your questions about chin augmentation answered.
  • Learn about the likely results of your procedure as well as the most common complications.
  • Create a plan for your chin augmentation, if you are a good candidate.

Chin Implants: The Procedure

The chin implant procedure takes place in the comfort the Surgical Arts Centre, which is a certified full-service medical facility. The outpatient surgery usually takes one hour or less and utilizes an intravenous anesthetic.

There are many different types of chin augmentation procedures. These operations differ in the type of implant used and the way that the implant is fixed to the chin. Some procedures involve incisions under the chin, while others involve incisions on the inside of the mouth. The procedure may vary or take a longer amount of time if it is being paired with another procedure, such as a rhinoplasty or facelift.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

After your surgery, you will be cared for by our team of nursing professionals in our recovery room. You will need to wear a light external dressing on your chin for the first 24 hours. You will be provided with the appropriate medication to abate your discomfort and swelling – and a family member or friend will need to drive you home.

The first part of recovery takes an average of three to five days. During this time, you will need to rest, limit your activity, eat soft foods, and focus on recovery. Also during this time, you should watch for complications, such as fever, bleeding, or shifting of the implant. Discomfort is minimal and most patients return to work within a week.

Although most swelling will disappear in the first seven to ten days, some residual swelling – which will not be noticeable to others – will remain for a few months after your surgery. When this swelling goes down, you will be able to clearly see the final results of your augmentation. These results are permanent.

Cosmetic Chin Augmentation At The Surgical Arts Centre

If you are considering a chin implant, we encourage you to speak to a doctor about your wishes, expectations, concerns, and medical history. To learn about chin augmentation during a private consultation, please contact our office today at 406-549-6600 or email us below to schedule an appointment.

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