Battle Summer Sun Damage With Non-Invasive Laser Treatments


Summer is over and we’re quickly transitioning into fall. We’ve put away our swimsuits and sunblock, traded our iced coffees for spiced pumpkin lattes, and are getting out our coziest sweaters. For many of us, it is also a time when we are need to care for our skin after a season of sun damage and wind damage.

Palomar Icon IPL (Intermittent Pulse Light) Laser Treatments For Skin Rejuvenation

At the Surgical Arts Centre’s Medical Spa, we offer non-invasive laser light treatments through a Palomar Icon device, which utilizes Intermittent pulse light (IPL) to smooth and rejuvenate damaged skin. This is often an ideal treatment for someone who is looking for a fast, high-value procedure with little downtime and minimum discomfort.


One of the main features of the Palomar Icon laser is that it can be customized to help with a large variety of skin issues related to sun damage, including:


  • Rejuvenating the skin.
  • Evening skin tone.
  • Removing sun spots.
  • Removing fine wrinkles.
  • Smoothing damaged skin.


At the Surgical Arts Centre, laser light treatments are overseen by the director of our Medical Spa, Dr. Lisa Pacecho, and take place in our state-of-the-art treatment center.

The Benefits Of IPL Laser Treatments At Our Medical Spa

Why do so many men and women choose IPL laser treatments? There are a number of reasons:



  • It’s non-invasive. This is a great way to look younger and fresher without the use of a scalpel and without the use of ablative lasers.
  • It’s cost-effective. Another benefit this treatment has over invasive laser treatments and facelifts is that it is much more affordable.
  • It’s fast. Most procedures take less than 30 minutes and many patients can be in and out of the office in an hour–as fast as a lunch break.
  • It has a fast recovery time. Patients can return to regular activities immediately after the treatment and any redness and swelling that might occur after the procedure will subside in a day or two.
  • It’s low risk. Unlike invasive skin treatments, the possible side-effects and complications of laser light procedures are minimal.


  • It is proven to work. This skin treatment is proven by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, and discoloration.


Most people are good candidates for laser light skin treatments. Results should appear within a few weeks of the procedure, when patients will notice smoother, more even-toned skin. Optimal results usually require 3-5 treatments and twice-yearly touch-ups to maintain results.


Discomfort during the procedure is minimal, though your doctor may elect to put on a topical pain reliever before the treatment. Afterwards, a cold compress will further prevent discomfort. Skin might be red, swollen, and hot like a sunburn after the procedure. Some patients may experience bruising, blistering, crusting, and dark patches, those these side effects are rare.

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Fall is the perfect time to engage in self-care and treat your skin to a post-summer procedure that will combat sun damage and leave you looking and feeling great. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lisa Pacecho today, please call our Medical Spa at (406) 549-6600