Does Cosmetic Surgery Hurt?

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Many people who want to have cosmetic procedures hesitate for one big reason: they are afraid that it is going to hurt. The truth is that while some invasive surgeries can involve pain and discomfort, others do not–and the amount of pain or discomfort that you experience varies depending on a large number of factors, including:


  • The procedure you are receiving. As you might guess, a non-invasive laser light procedure will involve less discomfort than a traditional surgical facelift. The amount of discomfort may also differ during and after the procedure, depending on what it is and the expected recovery time.



  • Your pain tolerance. Different people experience pain in different ways, and some people have a much higher pain tolerance than others. For example, studies have shown that men have a lower pain threshold than women and young people have a lower pain threshold than more mature adults.



  • The use of anesthesia or anesthetics during your procedure. When you discuss your procedure with your doctor, you will also discuss any pain management treatments or medications you may need. This could include anything from taking pain medication to a (light state of sleep) general anesthetic.



  • Your pain management after your procedure. You will have a pain management plan for after your procedure. This plan will be created with your doctor at your side and could change based on how you are feeling after the procedure.


How To Minimize Cosmetic Surgery Pain & Discomfort

Although some amount of pain and discomfort can be expected, especially after invasive procedures, modern medicine has made it possible to mitigate, control, and minimize discomfort during and after procedures.


  • Follow your doctor’s instructions. The most effective way of controlling and limiting your discomfort is to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Take your prescriptions as directed, wear dressings, braces required, etc. and follow directions regarding activity levels, icing, and elevation.



  • Tell your doctor if you are in pain. If you are still experiencing a significant amount of pain after your procedure, talk to your doctor immediately. Your pain could be managed better, or there may be a complication causing you discomfort.



  • Rest. The body heals through rest. Eating right, getting enough sleep, and not jumping back into your life until you feel better will help you recover.


It is important to note that unmanageable pain is often a sign that something is not right. If you are feeling a significant amount of pain that your doctor did not mention to you, it may be a red flag. Report all pain of this kind to your doctor in detail.

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