4 Procedures To Get At A Medical Spa, Not A Day Spa

You want to look and feel better, so you decide to go to a spa for some treatments. The only problem is that you are confused by the offerings: there are regular day spas in town, which advertise calming surroundings and a wide array of treatments, and then there are medical spas, which only offer FDA-approved non-invasive cosmetic procedures. In some cases, medical spas and day spas offer the very same treatments. Where should you go, and why?

The Big Differences Between A Medical Spa and a Day Spa

Put simply, a day spa is usually run by aestheticians who specialize in beauty-related treatments and relaxing therapies. While a day spa is a great place to go for a fun facial, a soak, or a manicure, it may not be the best place for more complex procedures, even if they offer them.


On the other hand, a medical spa is not interested in creating a fun, relaxing experience for patients (though we do want you to be relaxed!) Instead, we focus on providing our patients with careful, thoughtful procedures that benefit from our extensive medical knowledge and experience.


There is an increasing amount of overlap between the offerings at day spas and medical spas. Here are five that we recommend you save for a trip to the medical spa:



  • Botox injections. Injectable skin treatments are more popular than ever, and now injectables like Botox and Jeuvaderm are being offered by day spas and aestheticians. However, these treatments can easily be botched, and we strongly recommend only receiving treatment from a doctor.




  • Laser hair removal. Day spas often offer waxing–why not go the extra step and also offer laser hair removal? Although aestheticians can be trained as laser technicians in as little as two weeks, it is better to choose a doctor who has deep medical training and years of experience working on patients.




  • SculpSure body contouring. Some spas are investing in body contouring technology that destroy fat cells in the abdomen and flank areas. While non-doctors can be trained to use these machines, we believe it is better in the hands of physicians and their medical teams.



  1. Ultherapy. Because Ultherapy is a relatively new treatment, there use of the Ultherapy machine is not well regulated. The best way to be certain that your Ultherapy technician is educated and trained is to visit a medical spa that has a physician director.

Visit With Dr. Lisa Pacheco at Our Missoula Medical Spa

You will be safe and well cared for in our hands. Our non-invasive cosmetic procedures are always performed by trained medical professionals and overseen by Dr. Lisa Pacheco, the spa’s medical director. If you are interested in learning more about the procedures we offer, if you would like to schedule an appointment, or if you want to know if a procedure is right for you, please call us today at (406) 549-6600 or fill out our contact form.


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