BOTOX & Fillers help ease facial paralysis

John Hopkins Medical Center reported a small study showing that injecting filler, specifically hyaluronic acid, can ease facial paralysis around the mouth. lip_surgery_may_ease_facial_paralysis_small_study_suggests Hyaluronic acid is a common filler injected into the face to replace lost volume and soften wrinkle lines. Juvaderm, Restalyn and Perlane are a all HA fillers on the market. HA is […]

Things to Consider About Medical Tourism and Dental Tourism

Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to another country to obtain medical or dental treatment. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 750,000 Americans travel to other countries each year to receive medical care. Why Travel for Health Care? Why would anyone consider traveling to another country to obtain medical care? The […]