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Can I get eyelid surgery along with another facial cosmetic procedure at the same time?

Yes, blepharoplasty is often paired with other facial cosmetic surgery, such as brow lifts or facelifts. However, treatment plans depend heavily upon the individual, their needs, and their medical history. To learn more about pairing procedures and getting the results that you want, schedule a private consultation with our cosmetic surgeon.

How much does eyelid surgery cost? Is blepharoplasty covered by my health insurance?

The cost of eyelid surgery varies. For example, it may cost more if you are getting both upper and lower eyelid surgery, or if you require general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia. To learn the cost of your procedure, talk to our doctor today.

Eyelid surgery is usually not covered by health insurance plans. Be sure to read your insurance policy carefully and speak with us about the financing options that we offer.

Does eyelid surgery hurt?

You will not feel any pain during the surgery, as the area affected by the procedure will be numbed. However, you may suffer from swelling and discomfort in the days after the surgery. Our medical team will work hard to get you the relief you need from that discomfort, including prescribing the appropriate medications.

How long does eyelid surgery last?

Eyelid surgery will last for many years, especially if you take steps to maintain your results and care for your face and skin. Your doctor will speak with you about the best way to preserve your results. However, you should realize that the eyelid aging process will continue and that your results may not be permanent.

What are the risks associated with eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery has been conducted successfully for over 75 years. During that time, few patients have suffered major complications. However, as with any medical procedure, there are small risks. In the past, some blepharoplasty patients have reported bleeding, infection, dry eyes, and discoloration.

Will I have to miss work to get blepharoplasty?

How much time you will need to take off from work depends upon your individual recovery as well as your job requirements. Many of our patients need to rest and care for their recovering eyes for up to a week after surgery. After a few weeks, you can begin all former activities, including vigorous exercise.

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