Facial Implants FAQs | Surgical Arts Centre

What are facial implants made out of? Are facial implants safe?

Facial implants can be made from a variety of different materials, including silicone and polyethylene. Some facial implants integrate better into the surrounding bone and tissue than others, though these implants are more difficult to remove. Speak to your doctor about what kind of implant best suits your needs, your medical history, and your ideal outcome.

Can I receive a facial implant in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries?

Yes, many patients choose to combine more than one cosmetic procedure during their visit; for example, a patient may choose to pair a cheek implant with a facelift. Combining cosmetic surgeries has a number of benefits (it may save you time and money) as well as a few noted drawbacks (the procedures take longer and recovery may be longer). Your surgeon can evaluate your needs and wishes and let you know if combining procedures is an ideal option for you.

How much do facial implants cost? Will my insurance cover the costs?

The cost of facial implants depends heavily on a number of issues, including what kind of implants you receive, how many implants you receive, and what type of anesthesia you choose. The cost of your procedure can also depend on your doctor, your surgical centre, and even your geographic location. To learn more about what your facial implants would cost at our Surgical Arts Centre,schedule a consultation today.

Cosmetic surgeries like facial implants are not often covered by health insurance policies, but there are notable exceptions. Read your insurance plan carefully and speak with your insurance company to fully understand your coverage. Note that our center can help you with insurance questions and offers a number of financing options.

How dramatic are the effects of facial implants?

It is vital that you share your expectations with your surgeon before the surgery and that your surgeon correctly manages your expectations. You should realize that this procedure will permanently change the appearance of your face – and that friends and family may notice the procedure – but also that you will still essentially look like you. A well-done implant procedure is subtle but noticeable.

Do facial implants hurt? What is the recovery like?

Although you will not feel or remember anything from the surgery itself, you will likely feel some discomfort and swelling in the days and possibly weeks after the procedure. These symptoms will be managed by your medical team with medication and other treatments.

While you will see the results of your implants almost immediately after surgery, your face will be affected by swelling for weeks and possibly months after the procedure. Only after the swelling is gone will you see the final effects of your surgery.

Recovery time varies from patients to patient and depends upon which procedure and how many procedures you receive. However, most patients can return to work within a week after the surgery and are fully recovered in four to six weeks. Recovery time will be accelerated if you follow doctor recommendations and attend follow-up appointments.

Are facial implants permanent?

Yes, facial implants are meant to be permanent – and some types of facial implants are more difficult to remove than others. However, if a complication arises, it may be possible to remove the implant in a subsequent surgery.

What are common facial implant complications?

All surgeries come with the risk of complication, such as an infection or bleeding. Facial implant surgeries may also have complications related to the implant itself, such as nerve damage, implant rejection, or a moving implant. Your surgeon will speak to you about all of these complications, along with the careful steps we take to avoid such issues.