Neck Lift FAQs | Surgical Arts Centre

How much does neck lift surgery cost? Will my insurance company help pay the bill?

Neck lift surgery can vary widely in cost, depending upon the patient, the doctor, and the details of the procedure itself (such as the instruments used). The only way to be sure about the cost of your neck lift surgery is to schedule an appointment to speak with a cosmetic surgeon. After an examination and consultation, he or she will be able to outline the costs.

Neck lift surgery is not usually covered by health insurance companies. be sure to read your insurance policy closely before any medical procedure – and know that we are happy to help you understand your coverage or to share our financing options.

Can I get a neck lift and a facelift at the same time?

Yes, many of our patients choose to pair one or more cosmetic face surgeries together, saving time and money while achieving a more consistent youthful appearance. For example, patients in the past have combined a neck lift with an eyelid lift, a facelift, or a brow lift. Consult with your doctor to find out if you are a good candidate for multiple procedures.


Is neck lift surgery or recovery painful? How much work will I miss?

During the surgery itself, you will be either be sedated and on a local anesthetic or under general anesthesia – you will not feel any pain. During the recovery period, you may experience discomfort and swelling as your body heals. At this time, your medical team will evaluate you and provide you with the appropriate care for your needs, including medication to manage pain.

You will need a few days of rest and recovery after your procedure, but many people are able to return to work within a week or two afterward. It may take three weeks or more to make a complete recovery and return to physically strenuous activities.

How long do the results of a neck lift last? Is a neck lift permanent?

Even though we can reverse some signs of aging with surgery, bodies do continue to age and we cannot stop the march of time altogether. Patients will enjoy a younger-looking neck, tighter skin, and a more defined jaw line for five to ten years after their procedure. Patients who follow their doctor’s directives – such as caring for your skin, refraining from smoking, and leading a healthy lifestyle – will enjoy the most long-lasting results.

What are the common complications associated with neck lifts?

All surgical procedures come with the risk of complications and neck lift surgery is no exception. However, complications related to this surgery are rare and often easily resolved. Common complications in the past have included infection, bleeding, neck tightness, numbness, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Your doctor will speak with you in-depth about the risks and complications associated with neck lift surgery before your operation.

When will I see the results of my neck lift?

You will see changes in your neck immediately after the procedure, but you will not see the most of the results until you heal and the swelling resolves, usually in four to six weeks after surgery. In many cases, the neck will continue to improve in appearance for up to six months after your operation.

Set up a consultation

To find out if a neck lift is right for you talk to a medical doctor about your goals, your medical history, and your concerns.