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What is rhinoplasty? What is the procedure like?

Rhinoplasty is the reshaping of the nose. It may be done for cosmetic or medical purposes – or both. Every rhinoplasty begins with a consultation, in which a patient will speak with a surgeon, take pictures, and review computer images of likely results. The surgery itself takes one to three hours at our certified surgical center. During the operation, the patient will receive a light intravenous anesthesia while the surgeon reshapes and repositions the nose with a number of instruments and techniques.

What is the recovery time for a nose job? Does it getting a nose job hurt?

You will need to wear a small splint on your nose for up to a week after surgery. Most swelling and bruising will dissipate within two weeks — and patients can begin light exercise at that time. Strenuous activity and contact sports should be avoided for six weeks.

How much time you need to take off from work depends on a number of factors, including how active your job is and how comfortable you are reporting to work with a nose splint or light facial bruising. Many patients take one week off from work.

Most patients are surprised at how little pain they experience during and after their nasal surgery, though it is normal to feel some discomfort in the weeks after surgery. Any discomfort you feel will be managed by your medical team.

What are the risks and complications associated with rhinoplasty?

As with all similar surgeries, rhinoplasty involves the risks of bleeding, bruising, and infection. Rarely, a patient may have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Other small risks include septum damage, skin damage, and nasal blockage.


How much does nose surgery cost? Will my health insurance pay for my nose surgery?

The cost of nasal surgery can vary widely depending on the needs of the patient, the experience of the doctor, and the selected procedures.

While purely elective cosmetic nose surgeries are not usually covered by health insurance plans, nose surgeries that will improve the function of the nose may be fully covered or partially covered. Talk to your insurance company and your doctor to get quotes, understand your coverage, and for information about financing plans if necessary.

What results can I expect from my nose surgery?

If you are receiving nose surgery to improve you ability to breathe, you may notice results right away. However, it is important to understand that some amount of swelling can last weeks and even months – and that this swelling can impair your breathing. Those receiving cosmetic nose surgeries should also note that results may be altered by swelling for several weeks or months.

A small percentage of patients may need minor revision surgeries to get their desired results.

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