The human being is one dynamic unit of function; for example, your skin can be a reflection of your total health.

- Dr. Pacheco -

Non-surgical skin treatments

Your skin is your largest organ – and through the years it is exposed to the sun, other harsh elements, and even carcinogens. We offer a multitude of non-surgical skin treatments, all designed to improve, protect, and rejuvenate:

• Injectable therapies.

• Laser treatments and laser light treatments.

• Ultherapy (Ultrasound therapy treatments).

• Medical peels and infusion masks.

• Professional, non-toxic skincare products.

• Physician-directed skincare prescriptions.

• Therapeutic makeup.

Non-surgical body treatments

Improving your appearance can boost your confidence and raise your quality of life. Whether you wish to remove unwanted body hair or minimize your stretch marks, our non-surgical treatments can eliminate imperfections and simplify your beauty routine:

• Laser hair removal treatments.

• Stretch mark treatments.

• Scar reduction treatments.

• Wrinkle reduction for décolleté and neck.

• Mesotherapy treatments.

• Prolotherapy for joint stability.

• Eyelash rejuvenation treatments.

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