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Patients come into our facility in pain, or in fear – frustrated by the loss of the function, comfort and confidence that most people take for granted. Transforming their lives in just one day by taking away the pain and restoring the function and confidence is one of the most satisfying things I am privileged to do.

- Dr. Holtzen -

An Innovative, Expedient Dental Implant Solution - Get New Permanent Teeth in One Day.

In the past, replacing a full arch of teeth was often a long, complicated, inconvenient, and expensive process. It typically involved multiple surgeries and bone grafting – and it took between seven months to several years to complete. Now, through a new process called All-on-4, patients who need extensive tooth replacement have an answer that can save them a significant amount of time, money, and discomfort by replacing teeth without bone grafting in just one day.

Meet your surgeon

Our practitioner, Dr. Holtzen, has been perfecting his dental implant techniques since 2007 – longer than most other current practitioners in the world. Certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Holtzen has executed this innovative procedure for hundreds of patients and has taught many of the other current AO4 doctors how to successfully complete the operation in classes and lectures. In the past, he worked with a national group of implant centers to provide surgical services and to refine protocols in a business built exclusively around the All-On-4 procedure.

Quick facts about Dr. Holtzen:

• He was among the first surgeons in the country to perform this procedure.

• He has successfully performed the AO4 procedure on over 600 patients.

• His AO4 success rates are higher than those reported in published literature.

• His current practice model, perfected over the last seven years, allows our surgical center to complete these procedures more economically than is possible for most specialist practitioners in the United States.

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a dental implant procedure that uses only four dental implants on each full arch of teeth, eliminating the need for bone grafts and allowing the entire procedure to be completed in just one day. You may be a good candidate for the All-on-4 procedure have significant tooth loss or if you are looking for an alternative to dentures. Because of the nature of the procedure, most people seeking dental implants are a good candidate for All-on-4.

During the All-on-4 process:

• You will consult with your doctor to discuss your medical history, ask questions, and determine whether AO4 is the right procedure for you.

• We will use an in-office cat scan to produce 3D images of your mouth, which we will then utilize to identify important bones and locate your nerves and sinuses.

• We will carefully plan your smile before the procedure, and develop a specially fitted bridge ahead of time.

• The procedure itself will take place in one day: we remove the necessary teeth, place your new implants, and adapt your teeth to the implants.

Why do patients choose All-on-4?

According to multiple studies, All-on-4 has a 98 percent success rate.

All-on-4 dental implants have a number of benefits in comparison to conventional implants or dentures:

• You get immediate results. You will have new, permanent teeth in a 24-hour period.

You save time. Getting conventional implants can take up to a year and your path may be slowed by complications and delays.

You save money. Because the procedure is simpler and faster, many patients save money by choosing All-on-4.

You don’t have to get a bone graft. Because only four implants are needed, even patients with significant jawbone loss can get new permanent teeth without a painful and expensive bone graft.

Your tooth health issues will be eliminated. Getting All-on-4 implants means saying goodbye to the pain and discomfort of your failing teeth or dentures and avoiding the perils of periodontal disease.

You will be able to eat and speak normally. No more worrying about your dentures or limiting your diet due to painful chewing.

You will have a beautiful, long-lasting smile. You will improve your appearance and your quality of life – whether you currently have failing teeth, tooth loss, or dentures.

Get your All-on-4 dental implants in beautiful Missoula, Montana

Dr. Holtzen and his family enjoy the unparalleled beauty, rustic lifestyle, and recreational opportunities offered by the Northern Rockies – as do many of his patients. While patients seek care from destination practices around the world for many reasons, the three primary reasons patients travel to our surgical center Missoula for AO4 treatment are:

• We have a staff that works to keep all patients feeling comfortable and safe while at SAC.

• We strongly believe that having a relationship with your local dentist is vital to your long-term success. We will cultivate and maintain this relationship by including your regular dentist in the process.

• In our biased opinion, Western Montana is the most beautiful place on earth and any excuse to visit here is worth taking!

Learn more about traveling to Missoula for your All-on-4 implants, along with all of the possible options for rest and relaxation before and after your procedure.