Facial Trauma and Facial Injuries FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Trauma and Facial Injuries

How do I choose between seeking treatment at a hospital, with my regular doctor, or calling a private surgical center?

Patients who need emergency care for facial trauma will be treated in a local emergency room as soon as possible after the accident or incident. However, follow-up treatment is handled by your own doctor or a local specialist.

Patients often seek treatment at the Surgical Arts Centre following a trip to the emergency room because they are looking for specialized care by a physician who is familiar with similar cases and who is intimately experienced with the needed procedure. For example, a person who breaks their jaw in a motorcycle accident will initially be taken to an ER for evaluation or treatment. But follow-up care, which may involve correcting his bite, can be done by a doctor who specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery.


Will my facial trauma treatment be covered by my health insurance company?

All health insurance policies differ, but the majority of plans at least partially cover care related to traumatic incidents and accidents. The best way to learn about your individual coverage – including your copays and deductibles – is to speak with your insurance company and closely read your policy. We are also happy to answer insurance-related questions at the Surgical Arts Centre.

Are there any facial injuries that you don’t treat?

We don’t treat injuries related to the brain, eyeballs, and ears. If you have sustained injuries in those areas, we can refer you to an experienced physician who can help.

My jaw and bite have never felt the same after my facial injury – is there anything I can do?

Yes. At the Surgical Arts Centre, we often treat patients who are suffering from chronic issues stemming from old accidents and injuries. Perhaps your jaw is not correctly aligned because of trauma, or perhaps a past broken nose has greatly hindered your ability to breathe. There is no reason to continue wondering if you can ever feel totally healthy again, without ever taking action – come in for a consultation and find out if we can help!

I suffered a facial injury years ago. Is it too late to do anything about my scar?

Many types of serious facial injuries can result in scars – and facial scars are often on display for everyone to see, reminding you of the trauma you went through. If you wonder if your scar could be minimized, there are a number of different treatment methods and strategies for making scars less apparent, from laser skin treatments to facial surgery. Call us today to request a consultation with one of our surgeons and find out which option may be right for you.