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What are the causes of benign tumors?

Many benign tumors are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Other factors that could cause benign tumors include toxins, stress, diet, infection, or trauma.


If my growth is benign, why would I get it removed?

A benign tumor does not spread to other body parts like malignant cancers can. But most benign tumors or cysts of the head and neck region will, however, get slowly and progressively larger, destroying normal tissues as it progresses. Problems these entities may create include the destruction of normal tissues or the compression of nerves, blood vessels, or other structures. A tumor may obstruct a patient’s mouth, block the nose, or invade the eyes. In other cases, a patient may want to remove a benign tumor because of its appearance.

Will removing a growth on my neck, head or face leave a scar?

Whether or not you will have a scar from your growth removal depends on a number of factors, most notably the size and type of your growth. Our surgeons are skilled in removing growths while minimize scarring. In addition, we also have treatments available that can help minimize the appearance of any scars that do form. Our extensive background in oral and maxillofacial surgery enables us to remove many tumors or cysts exclusively from inside the mouth, eliminating any visible scarring.

Does getting a growth removed hurt?

Our priority is always to minimize any discomfort a patient may experience. This includes administering the appropriate anesthesia during surgery as well as making every effort to manage post-surgical pain. Talk to your doctor and medical team about our recommendations for your specific circumstances and treatment.

Will removing a growth on my face be covered by my health insurance?

Some of these procedures are covered by the insurance company in full, while other procedures may not be covered at all. For example, a procedure to remove a growth that is affecting your eyesight may be covered, while having a mole removed for aesthetic reasons may not be covered. To learn more about your health insurance coverage, talk to your insurer and read your policy closely. As a service to our patients, the Surgical Arts Centre has staff with expertise in helping you maximize your insurance benefits.

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