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Many patients do not realize that the way a tooth is removed affects the amount of pain and swelling they experience and the potential for complications like infection. We focus on keeping up with current technologies and keeping our skills top-of-the-line to help minimize recovery time and help patients to get back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

- Dr. Holtzen -

Our tooth extraction procedures

A problem tooth can be hard to ignore – for both yourself and others. Not only can it cause constant pain and discomfort, it can also affect your appearance, your ability to eat, and your ability to smile. Luckily, modern dentistry has developed a number of procedures to extract damaged or diseased teeth and replace them with implants.

At the Surgical Arts Centre, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons have the education and experience to guide you through the tooth extraction process, from your initial consultation to your full recovery. We are committed to removing your painful teeth in an efficient, painless, and careful manner – and we can guide you through the process of replacing your lost teeth if necessary.

Reasons for tooth extraction

There are a wide range of reasons that oral surgeons remove teeth – in one case, a patient may have broken or damaged a tooth in a car accident. In another case, a tooth may be removed due to extensive decay. In still another case, an impacted tooth, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, may be causing frequent gum infections or crowding the mouth.

Here are the most common reasons for tooth extraction:

  • Trauma to the tooth due to an accident or incident.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Periodontal disease (gum disease).
  • Infection or risk of infection.
  • A crowded mouth.
  • Tooth impaction.

Why choose the Surgical Arts Center

Many regular dentists also perform tooth extractions and wisdom tooth procedures – why should you choose The Surgical Arts Centre for your dental care? In the past, our patients have put their care in our hands for a number of reasons:

  • Their dentist referred them to our services or recommended our services.
  • The patient was seeking a dental extraction under general anesthesia.
  • The patient’s tooth extraction was complex or extensive.
  • The patient was referred by a friend or family member who had used our services.
  • The patient sought our one-on-one individualized care and modern facility.

If you need assistance with a problem tooth or a multiple tooth extraction contact our center today.